Facebook, as we know, recently just tried to buy Snapchat for 3 Billion USD to no avail. Some people are shocked by the news. Why, they ask? Who in their right mind would not want 3 Billion USD? You could buy a friggin’ Mecha with that kind of money!

Then you could start ruling the world!

Well, we are here to reveal the truth on why Snapchat turned Facebook down. Our source, the richest man in the world who built his fortune on the tech sector, Gill Bates told us what he thought is the main reason Facebook can’t buy Snapchat:

Based on my careful analysis on Snapchat’s technology and also my calculation on its finance, I conclude that this is the main reason why Zuck can’t buy Snapchat:

Snapchat is free on the AppStore. I just learn about Snapchat from my daughter, and I have bought it just now. The fuck is Facebook trying to pay 3 Billion for?

GG, Mark Zurkenberg. You can’t buy Snapchat. I CAN. AND I ALREADY BOUGHT IT. You noob. cyka.

To simplyfy, here’s why Facebook can’t buy Snapchat:

Yep. The one and only.

So folks, next time you have 3 Billion USD, remember to spend it wisely and don’t use all that money for something that’s free. Bert reporting in.

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